Welcome Super Stars!

Welcome Super Stars!


Welcome to 1up Stars.
This is a new community that’s different from the others out there. Unlike other communities that focus on being ELITE, bullying and calling people scrubs. This team is created for people who just enjoy playing videogames. This is a casual place where gamers of all skill levels are welcome. If you are the worst noob ever, we will help you get better. Likewise, if you are a beast with the sticks, then join us and help others reach their full potential. We are sponsored, so we are able to do things other communities cant. We have an actual gaming studio located in the Chicagoland area where we will hold events and tournaments. All members are invited. We have a team party bus that we use to transport members to different outings that we attend. As well as a few other cool surprises to be revealed early 2018.  Members of the community can come to our gaming studio and try out the different things our sponsors provide such as the AMAZING PSVR and other fun accessories.
We are not looking to have 1 million members. This is a small community and we’re only looking to reach around 10-20k members. This will be something for you to join and tell your friends about. A group where all voices will be heard and you wont get lost in a sea of other users. The umbrella Community is “1up Stars” … this community will be formed of many teams. We currently have “1up Boys” / “1up Girls” / and the co-op “1up Stars”
If you don’t already have a clan we ask that you join one of those three. If you are already part of a clan with at least 10 members then we will recognize you as a squad & you can keep your clan name as a part of the 1up Stars community. You will be expected to still represent 1up Stars. However, you will have your own team identity that you will compete with other teams in our community or outside of it.
This community will officially launch January 1st, 2018. Until then we are in beta mode, gathering members and figuring everything out.
We do not claim to be the best, & we honestly will make mistakes as we move forward. But we believe this will be a great team if we work together. We have the sponsors, we have the location, we have everything we need to make it happen. Now we just need the members. So please add any friends you’d like and if you are interested in being a moderator please let us know. We are light on the rules here, however we have a very strict “No Racism” policy. Racism has run rampant online & this is not the place for that.

With that being said, please join, set up an account and lets get gaming 🙂

  • Aadil1

    November 15, 2017


    • Shots2

      November 17, 2017

      This is exactly what I would expect from you 😀
      -Nice Guy Neil

  • Charles McClain3

    November 15, 2017


    • Shots4

      November 17, 2017

      EEeeeeeeeee,,,, What you know about that PT!!!???? 😀
      Get it Chuck! E-Town! lol

  • Shots5

    November 17, 2017

    Thanks. Currently working on this profile picture bug. If you uploaded one and its not working let me know.
    -Nice Guy Neil

  • Shots6

    November 17, 2017

    Had a request to not require “Real Name” field… I agree and I’m going to replace that with a Nickname field.
    If anybody has suggestions please let me know. This is a community and I will build it specifically for us.
    -Nice Guy Neil

  • Laura Gameson7

    November 17, 2017

    Your admin picture is showing. But mine still isn’t 🙁

  • SuperStarShots9

    November 28, 2017

    Lets Get It 😀

  • SuperStarShots10

    December 5, 2017

    If anyway is having a problem posting please call or text Neil.

  • SuperStarShots11

    December 20, 2017

    Ok, we have the Blog working. Now we’ll be adding content finally 🙂
    Please remember to hit me with any questions you may have. I’m working on the Forum next. Got about 10 more days!!!!