My Opinion on Ninja: Fortnite Advice, how to get better

My Opinion on Ninja: Fortnite Advice, how to get better


First and foremost,,, Ninja is Incredible. I love his Channel. He’s very entertaining 🙂
I recommend to go watch his videos. However, his advice is Terrible for Bad Players

If you are a scrub/noob/Trash like me, then following his advice will get you NO WHERE.
I see people asking “How do I get better?” All the time. And people keep giving them the Ninja advice.
Play aggressive, Get out there, Build Build Build.

Thats not going to work…
You tried it,,, and you still suck right?

Of course you do.
Its not your fault…. Its just bad advice.

You need to learn how to get better from someone else at your level.
I won 3 of my first 10 Fortnite games ever.
I thought that was normal. But after seeing comments I realized, people are not winning.
But why not? If I completely suck, why is it so easy for me to win, and not other people?

Thats when I started watching videos and seeing all this bad advice. I’m glad I didn’t have that bad advice or I NEVER would of won either.

I slowly get better, while having fun. Enjoying the game and winning. Thats what it should be about.
Having fun. Its a videogame at the end of the day.
Being aggressive and getting your ass kicked Over & Over again is not fun.
Losing constantly is not fun 🙁
I’ve seen people go 20 games before their first solo victory! :-O
50 games, 100 GAMES,,, I think the most I saw was 400+ games before his first solo win 🙁

If you are already good, then this video isnt for you. Yay, you rock already.
But, if you want to play for fun, and win even though you suck, then this is the tutorial for you.
I got you….
Lets get it…
1up STARS!